Nursing School (Fake Hospital)

Bend has a nursing school, that when available can be used for filming, with a location free.  Best times to use are during the holidays.  In addition to location fee, there is payment for a staff member to be on site during the shoot.

Excellent fake hospital location, with waiting area down the hall, and parking beside the building.

Four seperate rooms, two with windows that have fairly strong light coming through, and two interior rooms without windows.




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LaPine Meadow (Frontier Days location)

This meadow and land includes a stage, with electrical and water.  The City of LaPine hosts Frontier Days here every July 4, so it is unavailable that week.  There is a long dirt path through the center of the property coming from a grove of trees.

Permission and location fee required, and handled by the LaPine Chamber.

Crane available for hire through LaPine Chamber.

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Shevlin Park: John Fremont Meadow

John Fremont Meadow is located at the far end of Shevlin Park. It is approximately a 40 minute leisurely walk from the main parking area. It is located along Tumalo Creek.  These images were taken early April – the meadow would be green in early Summer.

There is a standard forest toilet on site (primative) and the road can be opened to allow production vehicles.

City of Bend Park and Recreation require permits for film use.  Please allow for at lease one month permitting process, particularly in the Summer.




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Deschutes County Exp Center

Deschutes County Expo center is a large, newish (2000) Expo Center and Fairground with an indoor and outdoor arena, three convention rooms, and cattle holding areas.

Located next to the Redmond Airport.

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Cove Park Palisades (within park)

Cover Park Palisades and images from inside the park.

State Park. Please apply for permits at least one month in advance.-


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