Oregon State Filming Incentives

Central Oregon wants your next production. Our state offers numerous incentive and rebate programs to put more of your production budget back into your company – where it belongs. Along with no sales tax in State and up to 15% less on goods and services in state we think you’ll find filming in Central Oregon to be both visually rewarding and a smart financial decision.

Discover Our Incentives

  • 25% of your Oregon-based goods and services
  • An additional cash payment of up to 26.2% of wages paid to production personnel
Unlike other states’ programs, these incentives are cash rebates as opposed to tax credits.  This enables us to deliver you a check quickly and efficiently. Additionally, Oregon’s lack of any sales tax on goods and services can immediately save you 8 to 12 percent.

More information on Oregon Incentives

In cooperation with Oregon Film

The Central Oregon Film Office will work in cooperation with Oregon Film to service all productions shooting East of the Cascades starting early 2016.
Until our office is operational, Producers looking for more information on shooting in Oregon and the State Film & Media incentive program should contact Tim Williams, Executive Director of Oregon Film, at tim@oregonfilm.org or 917 254 4021

State Incentive content is supplied and used with permission of Oregon Film.