Maupin (Main Street / Deschutes Avenue)

The main street of Maupin (Deschutes Avenue)  is located up from the Deschutes River and is a charming and picturesque Americana town.

Known primarily as the location for white water rafting, the town itself features a bar and restaurant, lumber yard, small gas station and the City Hall and Library.  Very much a ‘small town’ vibe, this area is nestled in a valley with the Deschutes River with world class white water rafting available for your shoot.


Maupin Deschutes Avenue


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OSU Cascades

Large university campus with accommodation, library, great hall, fireplace, restaurant, grounds, parking, post office and laboratories. Industrial. stairwells, staircase, students, and dorm rooms. 

Accommodation is also available for large groups in shared dorm rooms (two beds).

Located close to downtown Bend, with plenty of parking.

Campus could be utilized for large production during the summer when students are away.

Taken late December.

OSU Cascades


Post Office on campus

Private gym

Campus accommodation

Campus accommodation kitchen

Main dining / study hall with tall ceiling and large glass windows

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Fish Lake (McKenzie River Hwy)

Fish Lake Campground and Cabin area are part of  the Fish Lake Historic Site, also known as the Fish Lake Remount Depot, along the McKenzie Pass-Santiam Pass and the West Cascades National Scenic Byways.

During the 1920’s, it served as the field and dispatch headquarters for the Santiam National Forest, (the predecessor of the Willamette National Forest) and as such has several buildings on site with a day use area with picnic tables and interpretive signs.. A viewing platform takes you to the lake’s edge. Fish Lake is a seasonal lake that only has water in winter and spring. In the summer, the water drains underground, leaving a lush meadow (images below).

There are two rustic cabins on site and a restroom in the day area.  The area is particularly colorful in the Fall.

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Restroom in parking area

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Ranch at the Canyons (Terrebonne)

Ranch at the Canyons is a private 1,700 acre residential community along the Crooked River at the base of Smith Rock State Park.
Located in the heart of Central Oregon, the Ranch offers breathtaking views of the towering Cascade Range, the desert canyons of Smith Rock State Park, two miles of the Crooked River and more than a dozen lakes spread throughout the property. In addition to natural beauty, there is also access to the Old Winery Clubhouse and Guest Villa, the Tuscan Stables, and Monkey Face Vineyard.
Excellent alternative to Smith Rock which is rarely available for filming due to wildlife restrictions and overuse.

There is plenty of space for parking on site, and a stable for tech and catering (to be brought on site).

Accommodation is available nearby in Redmond, and also at Eagle Crest Resort.

Location fee payable to the Property.  They would prefer as much advance notice as possible.

Images taken June around 2pm.  Best times to shoot are sunrise and sunset.

Ranch at the Canyons



Crooked River 

Old Homestead opposite the property

Iconic Monkey Face of Smith Rock


View of Smith Rock across the Crooked River

Dining table.

Entrance to the development


Ranch at the Canyons accommodation (primarily used for weddings)



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Cowboy Dinner Tree (Silver Lake)

Originally an old shack, the Cowboy Dinner Tree is now a restaurant consisting of several rooms, in addition to a gift show and nearby cabin accommodation.  Located 90 minutes SE of Bend, this is a location that suits itself to cowboy and western themed shoots.  The owners are easy to work with and keen to showcase their property and work with you on your shoot. There are rustic cabins on site,  and basic accommodation nearby in Paisley, Lakeview and LaPine (Best Western Newberry Crater).

There is also a very friendly cat on site (waiting for its closeup).

Cowboy Dinner Tree


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