Twin Lakes and Resort (LaPine)

Twin Lakes Resort is located in the Cascade Lakes Region of Central Oregon. Located on the shores of South Twin Lake, there is an RV park close by on the banks of the Deschutes Channel of Wickiup Reservoir. Twin Lakes Resort is an excellent location for fishing and family fun, and would be great for branded content shoots. It is open year round with a  full service restaurant, java hut, and charming country store.   There is also a private dining area for hire.

There are cabins for rent on site, and lakeside.

Location fee required payable to the Resort.

Images taken mid-October.  10am.

Twin Lakes Resort

Drive through Coffee hut and gas pump


Dining area

Retail store


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Steens Mountain (west side) and Alvord Desert

The Steens Mountain Ranges are located in Eastern Oregon, along the Alvord Desert.  This gives the mountains a supernatural, yet majestic feel.  This area would be wonderfully suited to a car commercial, or sci-fi production.

Images were taken early November.  A few weeks later there was a greater snow accumulation for an even more striking backdrop.

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Summer Lake Hot Springs

Summer Lake Hot Springs, located in Summer Lake, near Paisley in Eastern Oregon is a hot springs that is open year round.  The owners are amenable to filming and there is lodging on site (cabins, RV hookups and camping).  There are multiple barns on the property, and a horse corral (with horses).  Expansive location with mountains on one side, and alkaline lake bed on the other.  

Images were taken in early November, at 8.30am, predominantly facing NE.

Exterior Hot Springs (Summer Lake)

Hot Springs (interior)

Hot Springs Shed (exterior)

Summer Lake Hot Springs (facing NE, 8.30am)

Summer Lake Hot Springs

Summer Lake Hot Springs

Summer Lake Hot Springs

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Crook County Courthouse, Prineville

Prineville is a film set waiting to happen.  Ever see the film “Pleasantville”?  Prineville has a Normal Rockwell charm, with beautiful buildings and a small town Americana vibe.  Prineville is the oldest community in Central Oregon, dating back to 1868 and many of the buildings reflect the character of that time period.

Opposite to that, Facebook has a massive data center in Prineville that would fit into any Sci-Fi production you have (although we doubt they will allow filming to take place on site).

With a proactive Chamber of Commerce and a  plethora of varying locations to choose from, we highly recommend Prineville as a destination location. The area has stunning rock formations, golf courses, reservoirs and a currently empty medical building that could be the backdrop of your production.

Additionally, Prineville looks stunning over the Christmas season for your Holiday shoot.

Please contact us for more information. 

For more images, please go HERE


Crook County Courthouse (Christmas)

Crook County CourtHouse (Prineville)

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Black Butte Ranch View (Winter)

Black Butte Ranch is  private resort community in Deschutes County. It is located in the Cascade Range, 8 miles northwest of Sisters. The population was 366 at the 2010 census. 
Elevation: 3,350′
Weather: 52°F (11°C), Wind W at 6 mph (10 km/h), 76% Humidity
Population: 366 (2010)
Area: 8.22 mi² (8.2 mi² Land / 13 acres Water)
Permit required.
Parking on site.
Private Fire Station on site.

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