Frissel Crossing Campground (McKenzie River Trail)

This developed facility has vault toilets, fire rings, picnic tables, garbage collection, and hand-pumped drinking water and lends itself to recreational shoots, particularly fly-fishing or easy water sports.

Located in the Willamette National Forest, Frissell Crossing campground resides at 2,600 feet in elevation with creek access. Douglas fir, rhododendrons, and vine maple surround this serene retreat.
This beautiful and quiet campground lies on the South Fork of the McKenzie River and was originally constructed in 1934 by the Civilian Conservation Corps. It is located well away from the main road and some of the sites spread around an open meadow.

It’s useful for filming due to the natural beauty of the location, the easy access to the river, bridge and available parking for production vehicles.  as shown in these images, it’s particularly stunning during the Fall season when the leaves are changing color.  The highway leading to it is also stunning at that time.

Images taken late September.

Permit required from the Willamette National Forest. Please allow at least 30 days for processing.

Frissell Crossing Boat Ramp / Campground



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Sahalie Falls (McKenzie River Trail)

Sahalie Falls are located on the National Scenic Byway off Highway 126.  The Waterfalls Loop Trail, part of the McKenzie River National Recreation Trail, connects the two waterfalls and offers up close views of the wild McKenzie River.
These falls mark the terminus of two thick flows of basaltic andesite lava that dammed Clear Lake and moved into the McKenzie River 3,000 years ago. The results are two breathtaking waterfalls with foaming white water cascades in between.
There are restrooms and observation points. The parking areas are not overly large, but at Sahalie would accommodate a large film production truck and other vehicles as there are two areas for vehicles.
The area has walking trails and pathways leading down to the Falls and could be utilized for multiple shoots.  The are is particularly stunning in the Fall when the leaves are changing.

Permits required. Please request at least 30 days in advance. Additionally, the area can be challenging to access in the winter as the McKenzie River Highway is closed in certain sections due to snow accumulation.

Please contact us for further information.

Sahalie Falls

Sahalie Falls Pathway





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