Shaniko, Oregon (Ghost Town)

Shaniko is in Wasco County, in north-central Oregon, at the intersection of U.S. Route 97 and Oregon Route 218.The city is 69 miles (111 km) north of Redmond (major airport with daily flights from LAX) and 131 miles (211 km) east of Portland.

The city is at an elevation of 3,343 feet (1,019 m). On the high plateau on which Shaniko was built, the surrounding landscape consists mainly of sagebrush, bunchgrass, and occasional junipers. Many peaks of the Cascade Range, including Hood, Jefferson, Adams, St. Helens and Rainier, are visible from the city.

Shaniko would make a brilliant setting for music video’s or catalog shoots.   There is plenty of space for crew vehicles.

Best accommodation would be located in nearby Maupin, approximately 20 miles from Shaniko.

The Shaniko Historic District, includes the Columbia Southern Hotel, city hall and jailhouse, a schoolhouse, and 42 other properties, some of which have been renovated. The NRHP nomination form for the district provides historical details, references, images, and descriptions.

The surrounding area consists of stunning winding roads through Antelope Valley and wide open plains traveling north to Maupin.




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Maupin (Main Street / Deschutes Avenue)

The main street of Maupin (Deschutes Avenue)  is located up from the Deschutes River and is a charming and picturesque Americana town.

Known primarily as the location for white water rafting, the town itself features a bar and restaurant, lumber yard, small gas station and the City Hall and Library.  Very much a ‘small town’ vibe, this area is nestled in a valley with the Deschutes River with world class white water rafting available for your shoot.


Maupin Deschutes Avenue


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