Sparks Lake (late Fall)

Beautiful alpine lake, off the Cascade Lakes Highway, approximately 30 minutes from Bend. 

Multiple islands within the vast lake (250 acres), only accessible by kayak or canoe.  Mt. Bachelor visible in the distance.

Multiple parking areas, in addition to campground (closed in Winter, but could be opened by special permit.

Cascade Lakes Highway entry is closed during Winter months due to large snowfall.  Area accessible by snow mobile.

Permits authorized by Deschutes National Forest in the Summer, and Oregon Dept. of Transportation in the Winter.

Please allow 30 days for permits.


Gravel roads. They can be a bit bumpy.

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Dee Wright Observatory

Located in the Cascade Mountain Ranges at 5,187 feet, this mountain observatory offers panoramic views across 65 square miles of black lava rock that looks so much like a moonscape that in 1964, NASA conducted drills with astronauts as they prepared to travel to the moon. Completed in 1935 by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), the observatory was named in memory of Dee Wright, the crew’s foreman who passed away the year before.

This is a unique location for a production wanting something different.  The area is particularly suited , for a mountain biking shoot due to the pnderosa covered windy road up to the Observatory from Sisters. The area also has burned out sections from recent forest fires.

On a clear day, you can view Mt. Washington, Mt. Jefferson, the South, North, and Middle Sister, and even see Mt. Hood, 78.5 miles to the north. The observatory provides stunning backdrops for your shoot.  There’s parking and restroom on site.  The Observatory is located approximately 20 minutes from the town of Sisters.


Dee Wright Observatory

Dee Wright Observatory

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Ranch at the Canyons (Terrebonne)

Ranch at the Canyons is a private 1,700 acre residential community along the Crooked River at the base of Smith Rock State Park.
Located in the heart of Central Oregon, the Ranch offers breathtaking views of the towering Cascade Range, the desert canyons of Smith Rock State Park, two miles of the Crooked River and more than a dozen lakes spread throughout the property. In addition to natural beauty, there is also access to the Old Winery Clubhouse and Guest Villa, the Tuscan Stables, and Monkey Face Vineyard.
Excellent alternative to Smith Rock which is rarely available for filming due to wildlife restrictions and overuse.

There is plenty of space for parking on site, and a stable for tech and catering (to be brought on site).

Accommodation is available nearby in Redmond, and also at Eagle Crest Resort.

Location fee payable to the Property.  They would prefer as much advance notice as possible.

Images taken June around 2pm.  Best times to shoot are sunrise and sunset.

Ranch at the Canyons



Crooked River 

Old Homestead opposite the property

Iconic Monkey Face of Smith Rock


View of Smith Rock across the Crooked River

Dining table.

Entrance to the development


Ranch at the Canyons accommodation (primarily used for weddings)



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Crack in the Ground

Crack-in-the-Ground is an ancient volcanic fissure over 2 miles long and up to 70 feet deep. Normally, fissures like this one are filled with soil and rock by the processes of erosion and sedimentation. However, because it is located in such an arid region, very little filling has occurred and Crack-in-the-Ground exists today nearly as it did shortly after its formation thousands of years ago. An established 2 mile trail along the fissure’s bottom offers a unique hike, where the temperature can be as much as twenty degrees cooler than at the surface.

Crack in the Ground is open year round, but must be traveled to by a gravel road for approximately 20 minutes.  The trail to Crack in the Ground is moderately difficult with a 70’ elevation gain and sand and rock surface.

There is a Universal Access Restroom available, in the parking area..Motor Vehicles, Mountain Bikes, and Equestrians are PROHIBITED

Access is via rugged dirt roads that may be impassable at times. Four-wheel drive vehicles are highly recommended. The nearest services are in Christmas Valley, Oregon.  Accommodation is available in La Pine.


Crack in the Ground

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Steens Mountain (west side) and Alvord Desert

The Steens Mountain Ranges are located in Eastern Oregon, along the Alvord Desert.  This gives the mountains a supernatural, yet majestic feel.  This area would be wonderfully suited to a car commercial, or sci-fi production.

Images were taken early November.  A few weeks later there was a greater snow accumulation for an even more striking backdrop.

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