Maupin (Main Street / Deschutes Avenue)

The main street of Maupin (Deschutes Avenue)  is located up from the Deschutes River and is a charming and picturesque Americana town.

Known primarily as the location for white water rafting, the town itself features a bar and restaurant, lumber yard, small gas station and the City Hall and Library.  Very much a ‘small town’ vibe, this area is nestled in a valley with the Deschutes River with world class white water rafting available for your shoot.


Maupin Deschutes Avenue


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Benham Falls (Spring)

Taken April 25, 2017. Looking towards picnic table, restroom and parking area. 10am.

Benham Falls is located about 13 miles from downtown Bend.  Driving: 30 minutes.

Located off NFD Road 41.

Limited parking available.

Public Restroom (maintained by Deschutes National Forest)

Production permit required from Deschutes National Forest (please apply at least 21 days in advance of production).


Benham Falls


Upper hiking trail from parking area and restroom.

Benham Falls downriver, forest view in Spring.

Deschutes River Trail to Benham Falls in Deschutes National Forest

Benham Falls

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Big Eddy (Deschutes River Trail)

Big Eddy Kayaking (video footage)

Big Eddy  is located close to Bend off the Cascade Lakes Highway, on NF 41, on the Deschutes River.  This area is known for its whitewater rafting adventures and stunning scenery. These Class III rapids wind around the beautiful Deschutes River. 

The nearby parking lot has Deschutes National Forest maintained toilet facilities and a picnic table. 

There is a Recreation Fee Site: Parking at this site requires a recreation pass May 1 – September 30. Passes are NOT available at this site, but can be purchased from Forest Service offices or vendors. Please check here for more information about recreation passes and where they can be purchased.

Film Permits must be obtained from the Deschutes National Forest, well in advance of the shoot (please give at least 21-30 days notice for film permits).  COFO can help you with that.

Directions from Bend: Travel approximately 7 miles west on Cascade Lakes Highway (Highway 46), then south on Forest Road 41 for 1 1/2 miles. Follow the directional signs.  The turn off for the Forest Road is opposite the Cascade Lakes Highway visitor center.

Images taken July.



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Dillon Falls

Dillon Falls and Trail.  
Dillon Falls is located about 20 minutes outside Bend, off the Cascade Lakes Highway.
Toilet, picnic tables and parking close to trails.

The Falls are a short walk up from the winding river trail. There’s easily accessible parking for a few vehicles, and a public restroom maintained by the Deschutes  Forest Service.  Please give at least three weeks advance notice for permit applications.

For additional images of Dillon Falls, please click here.

Taken April 25, 8.30am

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