Todd Lake

Todd Lake is a stunning, natural lake near the crest of the Cascade Range in central Oregon in the United States. The lake covers 45 acres. It is named in honor of John Y. Todd, an early settler in Central Oregon.
There is limited parking for production vehicles, with a narrow gravel road leading up to the trailhead.  The limited parking makes it challenging to film here and during the summer it’s a popular tourist destination.  Productions could park across the Cascade Lakes Highway and shuttle crew/cast in to the trailhead.  Then it’s an easy 5-10 minute walk to the Lake.
Area: 45 acres
Width: 787′
Length: 2,625′
Mean depth: 21′
Shore length: 1.181 mi
Catchment area: 0.9 square miles (2.3 km2)
There is parking about 10 minutes from the lake. 
Part of the Deschutes National Forest (permit required).