Crook County Courthouse, Prineville

Prineville is a film set waiting to happen.  Ever see the film “Pleasantville”?  Prineville has a Normal Rockwell charm, with beautiful buildings and a small town Americana vibe.  Prineville is the oldest community in Central Oregon, dating back to 1868 and many of the buildings reflect the character of that time period.

Opposite to that, Facebook has a massive data center in Prineville that would fit into any Sci-Fi production you have (although we doubt they will allow filming to take place on site).

With a proactive Chamber of Commerce and a  plethora of varying locations to choose from, we highly recommend Prineville as a destination location. The area has stunning rock formations, golf courses, reservoirs and a currently empty medical building that could be the backdrop of your production.

Additionally, Prineville looks stunning over the Christmas season for your Holiday shoot.

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Crook County Courthouse (Christmas)

Crook County CourtHouse (Prineville)