Fish Lake (McKenzie River Hwy)

Fish Lake Campground and Cabin area are part of  the Fish Lake Historic Site, also known as the Fish Lake Remount Depot, along the McKenzie Pass-Santiam Pass and the West Cascades National Scenic Byways.

During the 1920’s, it served as the field and dispatch headquarters for the Santiam National Forest, (the predecessor of the Willamette National Forest) and as such has several buildings on site with a day use area with picnic tables and interpretive signs.. A viewing platform takes you to the lake’s edge. Fish Lake is a seasonal lake that only has water in winter and spring. In the summer, the water drains underground, leaving a lush meadow (images below).

There are two rustic cabins on site and a restroom in the day area.  The area is particularly colorful in the Fall.

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Restroom in parking area