Antelope Valley

The Antelope Valley between Shaniko and Prineville is a stunning area of towering rock formations and winding roads, perfect for a car commercial.   There are few services in the area, but Madras is located nearby and offers excellent accommodation, restaurants and services.

From Wikipedia:

Antelope is a small town in Wasco CountyOregon, United States. It has an estimated population of 47 people (as of 2012), and is incorporated as a city. The town was incorporated in 1901, though it was founded earlier. The City of Antelope was originally a stage and freight wagon road stop on the Old Dalles to Canyon City Trail. Howard Maupin came to Antelope in 1863 to operate a horse ranch, becoming the caretaker of the stage station which was established by Henry Wheeler in 1864. Maupin began raising cattle to provide meat for travelers. Nathan Wallace, who is sometimes credited with being Antelope’s first postmaster, acquired the Antelope stage station from Maupin in 1870. Records indicate the community was considered to have been established in 1872.