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Scouting Shevlin Park

We’re so grateful to Visit Central Oregon for supporting our work!  With their grant support, we’re able to expand our media library, sharing the stunning locations Central Oregon is famous for. Today we scouted one of our favorite parks, located an easy 10 minutes from downtown Bend. Shevlin  has a myriad of locations on its nearly 1,000 acre park, all with Tumalo Creek running through the center.  With multiple bridges, including a covered bridge, tree varieties (aspens and ponderosa’s) and incredible vistas, Shevlin is a film set waiting to happen.  We also think it would be a fabulous location for a car commercial given the road winding along the river, with distinct looks on either side.  We’d love to see someone shoot here in the Fall when the Aspens are golden and shimmer in the breeze. Bend Park and Rec are easy to work with on inexpensive permitting and we’re here to help you in any way.

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Scouting the Painted Hills

We recently had a great opportunity to scout large areas of Eastern Oregon as part of our collaboration with Travel Oregon.  It’s amazing just how stunning this state is, and what incredible natural beauty we have – from lakes, rivers, mountains to rock formations impacted by centuries of movement and weathering by mother nature.

The Painted Hills are located just outside of Mitchell, and are breathtaking. We purposely planned our arrival for the ‘golden hour’ and weren’t disappointed by the images we got.  

Travel Oregon calls the Painted Hills one of their ‘Seven Wonders of Oregon‘, and they’re right.  This area is gobsmacking in its beauty, even if you can’t imagine the thousands of years it took to create the varying layers that have formed the hills.  To put this on the big or small screen ensures a mesmerizing visual to enhance the story you’re telling.

The Painted Hills are a National Monument, and as such when filming you will need to work closely with the Park Management team, in addition to applying for a permit.

Depending on the size of your production and where you shoot, parking is available at the most popular areas of the monument.  There is also what could be a production base at the entrance to the park.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about filming in the Painted Hills, either for film, commercial, branded content or anything else.


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Prineville and Highway 27

Prineville, and the areas around it are a film set waiting to happen.  Ever see the film “Pleasantville”?  Prineville has a Normal Rockwell charm to it with beautiful buildings and a small town Americana vibe.  Prineville is the oldest community in Central Oregon, dating back to 1868 and many of the buildings reflect the charm and character of that time period.

But what’s even better than downtown Prineville, are the areas outside it.  We recently scouted Highway 27 which runs along the Crooked River.  The rock formations and topography are just breathtaking.  Check out our images below to get an idea of where you could shoot.

With  a proactive Chamber of Commerce and a  plethora of varying locations to choose from, we highly recommend Prineville as a destination location. The area has stunning rock formations, golf courses, reservoirs and a currently empty medical building that could be the backdrop of your production.


Downtown Prineville

Crook County Courthouse

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