Sisters, Oregon (Downtown)

Sitting between the high desert and the spectacular Cascades mountain range, Sisters  is a little city with a wild west ambiance. The downtown area is a charming mix of vintage style storefronts and saloons.  The town has a population of just over 2,000 and is surrounded by ponderosa’s and beautiful parks.  Perfect for an ‘old time Americana’ feel, this is a charming town for a stylized shoot.  With a Best Western and the Five Pine Resort close to downtown, there’s nearby accommodation for a recreational shoot in the Three Sisters Wilderness.


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Crows Feet Commons

Crows Feet Commons is a downtown Bend coffee shop centrally located, and close to extensive parking (permit required).  It is also within the Drake Park area, a beautiful riverside park.

Location fee required.

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Maupin (Main Street / Deschutes Avenue)

The main street of Maupin (Deschutes Avenue)  is located up from the Deschutes River and is a charming and picturesque Americana town.

Known primarily as the location for white water rafting, the town itself features a bar and restaurant, lumber yard, small gas station and the City Hall and Library.  Very much a ‘small town’ vibe, this area is nestled in a valley with the Deschutes River with world class white water rafting available for your shoot.


Maupin Deschutes Avenue


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