Tumalo Falls waterfall near Bend, Oregon

Tumalo Falls

With a sheer plunge of 89 feet, Tumalo Falls is both the tallest and most impressive waterfall along Tumalo Creek – as well as one of the most popular outdoor destinations in the vicinity of Bend. The area around the falls was burnt in a 1979 forest fire, though like the landscape surrounding Mount St. Helens after it’s devastating 1980 eruption, the forest is quickly healing. A few snags still line the hillsides along the valley but the area is green again, covered with small fir trees and not at all detracting from the splendor of the falls. A nice set of viewpoints both at the top and near the base of the falls make viewing the falls possible for nearly everyone.
Height: 98′
Elevation: 5,052′ 0″
Parking available.
Picnic tables on site (near parking area)

Parking at this site requires a recreation pass May 1 – September 30.
Passes are available at this site, but can also be purchased from Forest Service offices or vendors.
Please check here for more information about recreation passes and where they can be purchased.

Production permit required from Deschutes National Forest